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Engineering WAS FUN!

I have put together a small book describing my 36 years with IBM and many of my projects. It is NOT a book about the U.P.C. although a seven page chapter and a 21 page appendix are devoted to the U.P.C. and its developement. My purpose in writing the book was to simply preserve the pictures and describe some of the unique machines developed by Custom Systems. Also, I hope it will encourage young people to choose engineering as a career. The sale blurb reads: "This book is an autobiography of my years with IBM from 1951 through 1987. It contains descriptions and pictures of many custom IBM products including the unique podium from which numerous US Presidents gave their inaugural address. Other chapters discuss IBM’s early attempts at telecommunications, a machine that was designed for the 1960 Canadian census, the birth of the Universal Product Code (U.P.C.). This edition includes an appendix detailing the technical development of the U. P. C. code & symbol."



This is a short children''s book. The story is about an old worn out, discarded fire engine that saved the town. There is a moral in the story.



As the title implies, this book is about my ancesters who were brewers. Pictures are included of many artifacts.


The Laurer Brewers and the Ehresman Connection

This book is a follow up to THE LAURER BREWERS and the JOS.LAURER BREWERY CO, 1892.

If anyone is interest in purchasing any of these book, they can be obtained on line by going to and simply entering either "laurer", or the title in their search engine. They are available in several formats including inexpensive downloads.

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