Early Life

Due to a bout with polio while a freshman at Forest Park High School in Baltimore, MD, I was still in the 11th grade when I was drafted to serve in the Army during WWII. I was discharged from the Army as a Tech Sergeant and joined the 52-20 club ($20 a week for 52 weeks unemployment). Unsatisfied with this, I attended a technical school to learn radio and TV repair.

At the end of the first year of the course, my instructor, Mr. Kuttlechuck, convinced me that I should not take the second year, but that I should go to college instead. I passed the "high school equivalence" exam and with the help of Mr. "K" and my old high school principal, I was admitted to the University of Maryland school of Engineering.

I was graduated from the University of Maryland in 1951 with a BSEE degree


I was married to the same lovely woman, Marilyn, for 59 1/2 years before she passed September 11, 2013. I have four children, all of which are college graduates, two with BS degrees (Debra and Craig), one with an MS degree (Mark) and one with a Ph.D. (Jonathan). I have maintained an Amateur Radio license (K4HZE) for 47 years and obtained my private pilots license in 1967.

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