Additional Files pertaining to the Lemelson trial

Jerome Lemelson was often referred to as the Patent King. He made millions of dollars by intimidating the customers of companies that sold them bar-coding equipment. These companies didn't have the money or the resolve to chalange him. One in the US patent department said the only things Lemolson invented was patents. This all changed when the samll company, Symbol Technologies, took him to court.

Judge pro This file contains background of the case and Judge Pro's judgement from "Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law".

Fish & Neave The lawyers, Fish and Neave discuss the verdict and consequence of the decision. This is an excellent review of the case and what led up to the suit.

Article Excerpts from the article "Breaking the (Bar) Code" published in "IP Law & Business" March 2004 issue. Also some comments from me.

Electronic Business Magazine This article discuss the trial from the auther's view. Well worth reading. This article also mentions the changes patent law that resulted from this suit.

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